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FutureSight web 4.0 is live
17 Dec, 2014. 0 Comments. FutureSight Blog. Posted By: Kasia Jankos

I’m personally very pleased with the website and how much we’ve managed to get done in such a short period of time. If you’ve followed us on Facebook you will have a good insight into the behind the scene production process which we are going to publish in the near future as an extensive case study.

You probably wonder what exactly we are doing and what we stand for.
As you can see on the slider, we are here for others. We want to improve the world starting with ourselves and this is what really drives us most. By offering, promoting and teaching that high quality matters, that honesty in business matters, that well executed branding or websites will generate you more money and that learning and constant attention to improvement is extremely important part of our well being.

Please note these are very early stages of our new online presence and there are a lot of great things coming in the near future. When exactly, we can’t say but when it’s published we know you’ll be impressed.

What you can look forward to?

  • Lots of great and valuable content produced to a very high standard with content for all kinds of business people. To start with we will focus on helping and supporting existing businesses improve and take a step forward into professional world of digital media.
  • FutureSight Fifth Avenue™ – Online boutique with high end products for creative professionals. Anything from known brands to unique limited editions from unknown engineers and designers who can hold their own against world’s biggest brands.
  • And much more…


We would also greatly appreciate your feedback which you can send to us by email.

“The only people who can change the world are people who want to.”

by Hugh Macleod

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Kasia Jankos Kasia has extremely objective, almost censorious approach to life - especially work. She’s equally professional and will not rest until the project is finished at world class standard. As a true ISFJ she fights against the odds to find a balance between work and life. FutureSight co-founder.

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