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Production update #1
12 Dec, 2014. 0 Comments. FutureSight Blog. Posted By: Kasia Jankos

I think it will be good to start with quick introduction to the project itself.

We had to re-brand and rebuild our own website since everything we had was about 3-4 years old. It wasn’t bad, but the old style and quality wasn’t adequate to what we can do and who we are today.



The new website project started something around spring 2014 and it begun with simple idea. Lets share with everyone what we are doing and how we doing these things. The major problem which we were facing for the past 4 years is that we couldn’t get clients which would appreciate and realise the value we provide and we were constantly ending up with very low budget projects.


The only way forward was to restructure everything and bring to the market something which would solve our problems with low budgets and allow us to take on these clients which strive for high quality end products. New products and approach to offered services was the answer. All started with the content and message we want to convey on each page and then revising that content, about 3-4 times (after this entire content goes to the Editor).


We’ve started with looking at the products and services we are offering. Afterwards we’ve just added everything what’s needed around that, but the main objective was to create very explanatory pages which help people to understand what the service or product is all about. I personally did not come across anyone who took it to such degree as we did.


The fact is that our change came to life because of our experience with the market. It was very organic evolution and we did not look back at others by a moment. We could probably fit all studios and agencies around the world pretty much into one style template. Each “creative” business looks exactly the same, they offer pretty much the same services, and so on…


does this really should look like this? Are you really creative? – copying isn’t creative nor problem solving. Most of creative’s and creative businesses don’t want to leave their comfort zone and stick with what works, instead of truly and deeply put time into thinking, collaborating and problem solving.


In addition – it is just the beginning. I’m going to produce even more content to fully expose each service and product so clients can know anything they might want before committing.

“Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.”

by Jeff Bezos

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Kasia Jankos Kasia has extremely objective, almost censorious approach to life - especially work. She’s equally professional and will not rest until the project is finished at world class standard. As a true ISFJ she fights against the odds to find a balance between work and life. FutureSight co-founder.

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