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Why should I choose clients wisely?
12 Dec, 2014. 0 Comments. FutureSight Blog. Posted By: Kasia Jankos

Today I would like to introduce you our new direction as well as new business objective.
It is project selectivity.


We pay attention to make all prospects who are interested in our services aware that we are very selective with clients we take on. We want to work only with people who are equally passionate about the business as we are. So if you think about hiring us at some point in the future because one of your goals is to deliver the best quality experience to the client, we are the right studio to hire.


On the other hand if you want someone who will do what you like, if you want to direct the production process from your end that means you are not ready to hire professionals.


This might be hard to think for some, but it is very viable part of making business on professional level. We all have one life, we live it here and now, and the way we use that time depend on our decisions.

We’ve made that decision and would like to remind everyone that working with not quality ready or professionalism ready clients will lead to inversion in quality of your skills, portfolio, product range or services. It’s recognised fact and pattern. All markets across the world are suffering from low quality services, poor customer service and lack of expertise in their own field.


We are going to lead and teach by example.


The quality and professionalism revolution already started. Those who realise that recognised growth and satisfaction. What are you going to do?

“Doing more things faster is no substitute for doing the right things.”

by Stephen R. Covey

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Kasia Jankos Kasia has extremely objective, almost censorious approach to life - especially work. She’s equally professional and will not rest until the project is finished at world class standard. As a true ISFJ she fights against the odds to find a balance between work and life. FutureSight co-founder.

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