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May 10
10 May, 2017. 0 Comments. Branding Essentials. Posted By: Rafal Dobosz
While building a brand from zero may seem like a daunting task, there are some ways to make it much easier. For example, you can use co-branding, which means collaborating closely with another company while promoting each other. Think of an already established brand to which you could provide value and which shares with you similar principles, as well as the target audience. For example, you can ask a well-known non-profit organisation for help promote your brand in return for free help. If you find and NGO that needs services like yours, there is a great chance they will be…
May 8
How to deal with Facebook reach decrease
8 May, 2017. 0 Comments. Marketing Fundamentals. Posted By: Rafal Dobosz
Since Facebook is becoming heavily overloaded with content, it had to limit the reach of posts to a great dissatisfaction of the marketers and brands. There are two ways to increase the number of people that will see what you are posting on this social platform. One is to improve the quality of your content, and the other is to start paying to promote it. If you use both of the methods, you are most likely to achieve a great improvement of your post’s reach and engagement.
May 6
6 May, 2017. 0 Comments. Branding Essentials. Posted By: Rafal Dobosz
As defined by, a slogan or tagline is a catchphrase or small group of words that are combined in a special way to identify a product or company. Just as a logo is a graphical representation of your brand and its values, your tagline should present pretty much the same, but in the form of text instead of an image. Make sure that your slogan is catchy and that it evokes the emotions and feelings that you want your company to be associated with.
May 4
Website bounce rate
4 May, 2017. 0 Comments. Marketing Fundamentals. Posted By: Rafal Dobosz
A website's bounce rate shows how many people are leaving your page just after they visit it, without clicking on any of its links. It is a very important statistic that can tell you much about your website design. By measuring this metric and comparing it for different campaigns, you can also verify if the target audience was chosen correctly.
May 2
2 May, 2017. 0 Comments. Design Principles. Posted By: Kasia Jankos
People have a tendency to like things that they used to see in past. It doesn't mean that your designs should be copies of other pieces out there, but rather, to ensure that some elements of your design will make your viewer feel at ease with what you made. Keeping your design both creative and making it familiar for people is not an easy task, but it is doable. Don't be afraid to experiment and see what works best for you.
Apr 30
How to demonstrate active listening
30 Apr, 2017. 0 Comments. Sales Tips. Posted By: Kasia Jankos
To show other people that you are listening to what they say and to make sure you understand them correctly, there are a few tips you might find useful. First, when you are not 100% sure you get the meaning of what someone says, always ask for clarification. You can also describe what you just heard in your words and ask if how you understand it is correct. Another way to demonstrate active listening is to ask relevant questions so the other person can tell you a little more about the particular topic in which we're interested. You can also…
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