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We all dress to impress occasionally; don’t forget to apply that to your business as well.


If your corporate brand needs to be revived or how your company presents itself in the market through its marketing materials needs to be reviewed, our skilled team can help you achieve great results. We helped many customers with branding and re-branding projects, resulting in significant improvements in their brand’s visibility and turnover.

so what can we really do?

We go beyond your imagination and expectation.
We offer far more than just a logo design, business collateral design, or even creating a new brand or re-brand process. We have a strategic approach which delivers results!
Customer engagement is the key to longevity.
We will re-engage your customers with your business and to give a completely new level of experience.
Multi-channel brand communication.
We can help you deliver a unique and consistent brand message across different platforms and technologies.
Create new opportunities by highlighting your qualities.
We will make sure that everyone knows exactly what it is that makes your business special. The positive differences which makes your brand better than others really matter.

So how does this process works?

this is where the magic happens*

The process below illustrates how we go about branding projects. Depending on its complexity some steps are not included in small branding projects and larger projects consist of much more complex stages.


Step #1 – Project evaluation

Finding the right solution

Importantly, each project starts with a kick-off meeting, exchanging the initial thoughts and expectations. At this stage, we also run through an extensive interview with our clients to give us a greater insight into their business and allow us to discuss and agree a clearly defined set of objectives for the project.

We call it a project evaluation. The document and the process itself, details the key elements on which we will focus, for example, market research, user experience, product design, service design and obviously the entire visual brand design and identity.

So the project can range from designing a new logo, to launching an entirely new brand onto the market with its new product range, strategy and visual communication.

Once the project evaluation stage has been prepared, any additional alterations, changes and ideas are added to the project backlog and implemented after the main project is finished.

Step #2 – Brainstorming, story boarding and wire-framing

Crafting the brand foundations

This is an essential part of getting your project off to a great start. At this stage, we establish the project within our management environment where and start to work on each end every element specified in your project evaluation. So this is closely related to the set guidelines and meeting required objectives.

At this stage we do not share much of information to you, as the brand experience is still in its infancy.

Once all mock-ups, story boards, wire-frames, visuals and anything else is ready, we go through our internal review process to evaluate everything against the expectations and objectives stated in project evaluation.

The above process is repeated until we are all happy that every aspect of the project is well refined and ready for the next stage.


Step #3 – Execution like a ninja


The crafting process starts to bring some colourful results. This stage is very interesting and satisfying because after a significant period of time, we can finally see how this new creation is coming together with its own unique character.

This stage can simply be referred to as the production process where the final brand guidelines are established and applied amongst collateral, products, application, websites or other types of chosen media.

When the process of creating your visual communication is finished, our testing and design teams work closely to refine the process to ensure the very best results.

This refining process will continue until project director and the entire team is happy with the results.

Once everything is polished and ready to go, the entire visual communication across your chosen media is presented to you. We explain all decisions step by step, focusing on the user experience and logo clarification.

Step #4 – Delivery, implementation and measuring


We complete a crucial stress test for our branding efforts – the real deal in the real world.

This stage might include many different elements such as pre launch buzz, landing pages with regular updates about development, even fully fledged pre and post launch marketing campaigns. Whatever you have requested in the project evaluation.

You will receive comprehensive project documentation including:
»  Project evaluation
»  Mock-ups, visuals, sketches and wire-frames
»  Brand guidelines and/or brand book
»  Brand resources (this means anything you might want in the future to reproduce or reprint)
»  FutureSight Brand Certificate

From day one post launch, we also measure each required area to establish where we can improve the brand experience.

Dependant on the scale, any changes are usually implemented shortly after launch.


Setting new industry standards.


Below are some examples of what final branding projects can look like.


All of this is included in your project package as mentioned in the step #4 above.

Your project contract is in place to protect both of us, so we deliver exactly what your business need and you want.
Brand guidelines
This is more your brand manual, which will help you, your team and anyone else who is going to work with your brand understand how the visual communication is executed within your business.
It comes in for of digital data gathered on disc or flash memory and contains anything related and needed to reproduce your identity across all media platforms.
futuresight cart
Project evaluation
You will already have had an opportunity to read and review your project evaluation. Now you can have your very own final copy. The contract and evaluation are bound together legally; the contract will reference the project evaluation document for full details of the services provided.
These certificates are issued only once, they are legal documents which state that you are the owner of your website and domain name which are included in this very unique package.

Ask yourself a question:

Do I want to make my brand and business more profitable? Do I want world-class visual communication to get my clients engaged?


As an added value you can also get.


Premium Support
Our helpful support staff supported by world class technology, is ready to answer all your questions. You can also access our extensive knowledge base with video tutorials and additional documentation if you’re stuck.
Case Studies
If you are interested in how our products or services have solved problems for our clients and how their businesses have benefited and flourished, please check our case study page. You will find out how the process is executed, the objectives achieved and the projects delivered.
Project Management
We follow the best and most up to date industry practices and combine these with world’s best technologies, to give our clients an extraordinary experience and deliver a high quality end product.