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Want to run a business online? Already running? Not on the web yet? You know you losing money, right?


We create online shops; not just ordinary online shops, but comprehensive, well structured, intelligent online stores which are compliant with the latest technology and laws. We deliver a great experience to those who seek world class quality from their e-commerce venture.

so what can we really do?

Planning and intelligence
When we say 'well planned and intelligent websites' we mean it. Your online store structure, pricing, category arrangement and extensive product pages are the key contributors to get your visitors to click and buy. We get that right from the beginning.
SEO - Search Engine Optimisation
This is also very important element of getting prospects to your site. We know what and how to optimise in order to get targeted traffic to your online shop. Some clients leave it all to us; others collaborate or work on consulting basis. Choose which one suits you.
Customer satisfaction and retention
Getting your visitors to click is one thing, but retention through outstanding customer service is the other. We can deliver a combination of solutions which with flawless integration of the world’s best applications and technologies, will allow you to take your business to the next level and compete with the wealthiest companies out there.

Every minute is a profit minute with FS eCommerce

Professional and modern design with intuitive user interface, will give your clients a remarkable and memorable experience. We are giving you a completely new relationship between your brand and all your prospects, leads and clients.


our e-commerce production process


Step #1

Finding the right technology

When you start working with us we ask for a kick-off meeting, exchanging initial thoughts and expectations is important. At this stage we need to have a detailed discussion to gain greater insight into your business and allow us to clearly define and agree main objectives for the project.

Once the initial interview is completed, we are then able to choose the best technology and e-commerce platform for you. This will be one of the three following options:

1.  Magento
2.  WordPress
3.  Bespoke development

Step #2

Mastermind planning

The creation of project evaluation for e-commerce websites will include all important and relevant aspects, such as strategy and marketing approach, targeted audience, store and category architecture right down to details like product page layout. In addition to this, we explain the process to be followed to achieve the successful launch of your fabulous new e-commerce website.

At FutureSight, evaluation and planning is done on very large scale. We pay attention to every detail and plan everything we can before we will go into the production.

Building an online store is exciting but not simple. Like any project, preparation and planning is crucial. On average, 6 hours of production time is saved for every hour we spend on planning.

That’s why this stage should be treated as a project on its own right and will be the starting point for the production process.


Step #3

Interactive Wireframes design

Once the project evaluation and entire store architecture is planned out then we are ready for the good bit.

Once the project evaluation and entire store architecture is planned out then we are ready for the good bit.

Usually we start with a complete user experience. It’s designed with the help of interactive wire frames, so the exact and full click through path established.

Once the UX (User Experience) is spot on and we are all happy with the flow and interactions then we get down to the more creative part – user interface and front-end design.

Every single decision is made with consideration to the project objectives and your brand guidelines.

Step #4

Development – The coding part

We constantly refine our production process due to include new technologies, but the overall process we follow has been established and honed through years of experience.

This step includes for example set up of testing and staging servers, coding environment, version control system, local development environments and obviously code engineering.

Our code is put to the test and presented on a testing website. Once each cycle of testing is complete the testing team feedback to the development team.

Project refining is repeated until the final product is approved by the project manager or a director.


Want to save some money?

You can choose to buy our WebWay Procommerce package which will allow us to completely avoid step 4 and save you money on project evaluation, planning and design.


Step #5

products and content development

This is pretty much final step. At this stage everything is ready but your website is empty, so what we do here is create your products, build category navigation, supporting pages and test the purchasing and searching experience.

The next stage is to style and refine each of the product to ensure that they are an extensive source of information.

We also design and built landing pages for those essential products, ranges, services or stories.

Product photography
This is a significant and important element to any professional e-Commerce website. In fact, any website. We can do provide photography for your project – just ask. This stage can be equally as time consuming as the design stage. Everything depends on what type of photography we are talking about and the size of your product range.

Step #6

extensive post production testing

So we get to the stage where you have a fully functional e-commerce website and are just one click away from going live. At this stage we follow rigorous testing procedures to fine tune and highlight and correct any missing elements, malfunctions or mistakes.

The testing process is repeated until everything is correct and ticked.

Once the project is approved by the project manager we can simply switch on your website and your new journey has begun.

We will never let you down, because what we say is rock solid.

What will happen after?

We support our clients with a variety of after sale services. These services are only available to our clients, they cannot be purchased separately.

eCommerce Support and Administration
Apart from well crafted, solid and optimised online store we support our clients with Support & Administration contracts. There are a number of different packages – so there’s sure to be one that’s right for your business or we can simply craft one just for you.
Content Marketing
This is simply the fuel for your online visibility. We use Content and Context Marketing to responsibly shape your brand message and target the correct audience. This is the most rewarding and solid marketing technique which will provide you with a stable and constantly growing stream of leads. We can give you advice or take this completely off your hands if you are our existing customer. It’s your choice.
FutureSight Hosting
Our services and products are supplied as fully comprehensive and operational. This simply means that what we supply is backed by our own servers and support. We can support you with anything from Shared Hosting Solution, through to a number of Cloud Solutions right up to Dedicated Servers with industry best hardware firewalls, backup systems and load balancers.

Fully fledged online stores, sophisticated user experience and refined interface.

this is what you can get

That's obviously your project contract, which is in place to protect both you and us, so we deliver exactly what your business needs and your clients want.
These certificates are issued only once. They are legal documents which state that you are the owner of your website and domain name and are included in this very unique package.
futuresight cart
Project evaluation
You will already have had a chance to have a good read through your own project evaluation and realise its importance. At this stage you have your very own final copy. The contract and evaluation are bound together legally, since the contract will refer back to the project evaluation as a reference to what has been agreed.
It covers all forms of digital data gathered on disc or flash memory and contains anything related and needed to reproduce your identity across all media platforms.


Your stunning new eCommerce website.


Professional and modern design with an intuitive user interface, will give your clients a remarkable and memorable experience. Start trading now or lift your business to a new level of quality.


Remarkable quality and support.


Premium Support
Our helpful support staff, powered by world class technology is ready to answer all your questions. You can also use our extensive knowledge base with video tutorials and documentation if you find yourself in difficult situation.
Case Studies
If you are interested in how our products or services have already solved problems for our clients and how their businesses benefited and flourished, please check our case study page. You will find how the whole process is executed, objectives achieved and projects delivered.
Project Management
We use the best and most up to date industry practices. We also combine these with world leading technologies to give your clients that extraordinary experience and deliver a high quality end product.