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World class customer and technical support, state-of-the-art infrastructure.

FutureSight hosting

This offer is exclusive to FutureSight clients. Once you are with us, you will experience true peace of mind because we work around the clock to take the burden of managing technical aspects of your online presence off your hands.

If you are tired of worrying about hosting solutions for your website, you don’t like all the technical aspects, you are not interested, qualified or simply want professionals to take care of all these things for your – we can definitely provide what you need. True peace of mind, no server logins, no special control panels, no technical jargon. Simply submit your ticket with what you need and we will get it done for you.

fX10 Hosting Solution

    • Space: 21GB SSD
    • Bandwith: Unlimited
    • Visitors: 110,000/month
    • FTP Accounts: 10
    • Email Accounts: 1 account free*
    • Database: 1
    • Sub-domains: 10
    • Emails/hr: 400
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fX15 Hosting Solution

    • Space: 28GB SSD
    • Bandwith: Unlimited
    • Visitors: 150,000/month
    • FTP Accounts: 15
    • Email Accounts: 2 accounts free*
    • Database: 5
    • Sub-domains: 15
    • Emails/hr: 400
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fX25 Hosting Solution

    • Space: 35GB SSD
    • Bandwith: Unlimited
    • Visitors: 400,000/month
    • FTP Accounts: 25
    • Email Accounts: 3 accounts free*
    • Database: 10
    • Sub-domains: 25
    • Emails/hr: 400
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fX35 Hosting Solution

    • Space: 42GB SSD
    • Bandwith: Unlimited
    • Visitors: 500,000/month
    • FTP Accounts: 35
    • Email Accounts: 5 accounts free*
    • Database: 20
    • Sub-domains: 35
    • Emails/hr: 400
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On-demand backup
You know plugin or system updates are risky? Before you update anything your website should always be backed up, to protect against finding a blank page or system error instead of your precious content. With our on-demand backup solution you don’t have to worry about this any more.
Unlimited data transfer
That’s it. No limits. Publish as much as you want, as often as you like.
State-of-the-art server architecture
SAS 70 certified facilities with data centres in Europe, the United States and Asia. Experience lightning fast network and connectivity with over 0,5Tbps of transit each.
Top end quality hardware
We use the latest technology, best processors, SSD drives and fastest RAM memory to make your website super fast to access on out modern servers.
CDN ready
We use the latest technology, best processors, SSD drives and fastest RAM memory to make your website super fast.
Flexible on-demand scalability
If your business outgrows your original package you can simply switch and we will let you know if you are nearing the limit of your hosting solution.
Super-fast servers with super-fast technology
We utilize the latest technology like MEMCash (or any other we find useful) to make your content load very fast. No need to add plugins to your content management system.
Curated plugins
To give even more security and reliability we are building a curated range of plugins from 3rd party suppliers which you can trust.
Plugin testing
This is an additional service where our experienced developers and admins can thoroughly test a plugin to make sure that it’s safe to use. It is a common problem for content management based websites to fall a victim to poorly written plugins which are exploited by hacking attempts.
Emails powered with Google Apps!
The infrastructure we are providing to our clients is one of the best ones and most robust around the world. Therefore, we are utilising the best email provider out there - Google Apps for bare Google price £3.3/month/email address.
Hardware firewall
Our servers are protected by Cisco guard firewall in real time, so you are less likely to fall a victim of DDoS and DoS attacks which are one of the most common and feared across the world. It’s a growing threat for worldwide businesses, we are offering this to our clients as extra protection.
Premium Support
Our fantastic support will help you with any struggle you have. Our support team are fast to respond and are always here for you to focus on offering a quality experience. One thing you can be sure about is trust. If we say we will deliver, we mean it.
Daily backups
Each hosting package comes with automatic daily backup and super-fast restoring in case something goes really wrong. You can be confident that your content, database and emails are safe.
Fully managed system updates
Our server administrator will make sure that your system updates are done safely and won’t impact your online presence.
Fair play Service Level Agreement (SLA)
We want you to be happy with us and set the right expectations from the very beginning. Please read our service level agreement so everything is clear. In addition, if our up time levels can’t be met, we will make sure that you are credited on your next invoice.
No contract
You won’t find difficult terms, long term contracts and small prints. We don’t like it either, so why practice something you don’t agree with?
Dedicated IP
We offer professional services, right? That’s why each package is supplied with a dedicated IP address. The main reasons for a dedicated IP are improved stability, easy access, domain reputation, identity and faster search engine indexing.
SSL Certificate
This is another unseen feature which is unique to FutureSight hosting packages. Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is an important element to secure your website data transfer and leverage trust build between your brand and your visitors. There are also significant search engine advantages for website utilizing SSL.

365 Days Risk free Guarantee



Not only hosting but all of our subscription based services are risk free. If you are not happy just let us know and we will cancel your subscription with no questions asked.

Are you ready to trust us?

We believe you should. We trust in our skill and our offer. Our services are totally secure so you don’t have to worry about things like your website crashing after a plugin or system update. No more IT or web oriented problems. Focus on what you do best and leave rest to us.