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Azzur – SMITE (eSport) professional gaming team is going for their own unique website

azzur web DESIGN

our design studio case study

Azzur is one of the world’s best professional gaming team in S.M.I.T.E.

Smite is a third person action multiplayer online battle arena video game, developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One.

After we’d successfully finished the branding project for the Azzur team we were asked to design a front-end for their upcoming new website.

The project was complicated and challenging especially as competitors were already present on the web. This meant we had to do our homework very well. In fact the entire project evaluation took significant amount of time when compared to the production time. Roughly 33% of the entire project time was spent on planning, research and evaluation.

This approach paid off and we were able to dive into the design process with a clear understanding and well planned user interface.


Front-end Design
That fits into the eSports world and is appealing to the target audience.
Betting UI
User interface design for a betting system.
Social UI
User interface design for on-site social network.
UI for On-site System
User interface design for experience based user motivation system.
Web Design Guidelines
Full documentation in digital form.


Extensive planning, testing and research included in the project evaluation.

Comparison of top leading competitors in the targeted market.

Establishing a unique value proposition and exploiting it.

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#1 - Extremely satisfied clients and impressed competitors.
#2 - Site great value recognised across gaming industry.
#3 - The project brought interest from industry leading brands in the Azzur team and our work.

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