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WheelerDealer decided to invest in a new brand to start online business.

wheelerdealer brandINg

our design studio case study

This is a new brand and a new business dedicated to a niche market which was found by our Swindon based client. It is a marketplace for second hand alloy wheels.

Our client wanted to approach the market with a bold new brand and website which offers a dedicated platform for people who want to sell their valuable, second hand alloy wheels.

The brand advantages where clearly visible, but the long term goals and vision had to be incorporated as well and that’s why you won’t find much reference to wheels, because the future of this brand is going to be told not by the type of products they sell.

We were asked to develop not only an entirely new brand and guidelines but a new online platform as well, this is described in detail in future case studies.

In production

WheelerDealer website under construction. Sneak peek now.



Bold and easy to identify logo
Brand guidelines and cheat sheet
No reference to items being sold
2 months lead time


Extensive market research. Fully developed project evaluation. Identifying main and possible competitors.

Developing passive income to support stable growth. Long and short term strategy.


#1 - Unique brand with full brand guidelines and documentation.
#2 - Client was presented with a great market opportunity and bright future.
#3 - All objectives met.
#4 - Subscription based approach was chosen to support passive income.

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